The Chosen Council

One elf, one dwarf, and one human elected to the council by the people of Saltia. The terms served by each council is ten years. There are four advisers who aid the Chosen Council in their ruling. These advisers are chosen by their respective organizations to attend the Chosen Council meetings. The Chamber of the Chosen Council lies within the Citadel of Arkaius.

The current Chosen Counsil

Durnor Ironspine – Dwarf – Morvrad

Elrawyn Amadriel – Elf – Kykairo

Glagwyn Vatàro – Human – Shaesorne

Current Advisers

Vhalar Ahbara – Master of Flame – Red Magi

Robert Stole – Master of Merchants – Merchants Guild

Zuimli Soulhammer – Master of Crafters – Crafting Guild

Isélad Ne’Van – Master of Coin – Chosen Council

The Chosen Council

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